City Execution is an integrated trading application that runs on Thomson Reuters Eikon. With City Execution, users can trade futures, and options on futures, directly from the Eikon platform.

City Execution is a distinct application from City Execution Demo, however they function in the same way. The main difference is that City Execution Demo allows for paper trading only. But the instructions for how to use City Execution apply to City Execution Demo as well.

The City Execution application features multiple windows, designed to interact with each other in various ways.

The Order Ticket window is the initial window that opens when the application is first launched. All other windows must be opened from an Order Ticket window.

The Spread Builder window allows users to create their own spreads, RFQ existing spreads, and add existing spreads to a ticket window for trading.

The Market Depth window lets users see the order book for a desired instrument.

The Orders window lets users see and filter information about all their orders in a single screen.

The Positions window lets users see and filter information about all their positions in a single screen.

The Accounts window gives users a snapshot of the value of each of their accounts.