The Order Ticket Window is made up of two views: the Main Order Ticket and a Spread Builder which can be accessed via the Main Order Ticket.

When open, the Order Ticket Window will appear on the right side of the City Execution application, next to the Orders, Positions, or Accounts Page (whichever of the three main tables is currently selected). The Order Ticket Window will automatically open with the Main Order Ticket view showing. The Spread Builder can be accessed by clicking on the wrench icon in the upper right corner of the Main Order Ticket view.


The Order Ticket Window will maintain its size if you shrink your City Execution window. If you shrink the window to a small enough size, the main Orders, Positions, Accounts page will be hidden entirely, and you will see only the Order Ticket Window.


You can click the X icon in the upper right corner at any to close the entire Order Ticket Window.