Placing Orders

Placing an order in City Execution typically consists of the following steps:

  1. Open an order ticket
  2. Fill out the order ticket
  3. Preview the order
  4. Submit the order
  5. Track the order

Open an Order Ticket Window

For details on opening the order ticket window, see the "Opening the ticket window" section of the Order Ticket Window page.

But as a reminder, you can open an order ticket for an instrument by entering a valid RIC in a linked Eikon window, by clicking on an instrument from the Orders Page within City Execution, or by clicking on an instrument from the Positions Page within City Execution.

Once you have an Order Ticket Window open, you want to focus on the Order Ticket section.


Choose the desired Side, Order Type, Quantity, Time in Force, and any other fields (which will vary based on Order Type selected).

See the "Order Ticket Window Sections" section of the Order Ticket Window page for more details if needed.

Fill Out The Order Ticket

After you have made your selections in the order ticket, press the Preview Order button. If you entered any invalid values in the order ticket (e.g., a non-positive whole number for quantity), you will be warned and won't be allowed to proceed to the Preview Order screen.


Otherwise, you will be taken to the Preview Order screen within the Order Window.

Preview Your Order

The Order Preview box contains a summary of your order, along with the Order Greeks that are applicable to the order (Gamma, Theta, and Vega will not show for futures or for options that don't have that info available).


Click the Return button to make any changes to your order. Otherwise, click the Submit button to actually place the order.

Submit Your Order

If your order violates certain restrictions (if the order exceeds a previously set contract limit, if the market is currently closed, etc.), a notification will appear and you will have to return to the previous screen to make the needed changes.


Otherwise, a notification will appear informing that the order was submitted, and the Order Preview window will transition to the Order Status window.


Track Your Order

The Status field in the Order Status box of the order window will automatically update as your order processes. However, you do not have to keep that window open to receive updates. Any change to your order should generate a notification that will appear in the lower right part of your screen, regardless of whether the ticket window is open.

In particular, if your order gets rejected, a notification will appear informing you of the rejection, and the server's corresponding error message.

If the order is valid, then a notification will appear in the application when your order is filled or partially filled.

If your order does not get filled and ends up expiring at the end of day, then a notification of the cancellation will appear, and the order status will be updated to Expired.

In addition to the system notifications and the orders status box in the ticket window, you can always use Orders Page to track the status of your orders.