Install an App


  1. Login to Vela Metro.
  2. See your CityStore inventory by clicking on View --> CityStore Inventory, from the main toolbar.
  3. This displays a list of all your purchases. Select the one which you wish to install and click the install button in the lower right-hand side.
  4. If you are running other jobs, turn them off. Your install will be queued until all jobs are complete. Your installed widget will say 'Up to Date'
  5. Left-click on the icon to see a list of widgets. You can an an instance of this widget from this menu, or add it to the main toolbar by checking the Toolbar? box and clicking Add Widget.
  6. Right-click on the icon and select Job Control. This shows a list of jobs (algo instances) that you can stop, start, or configure.
  7. Right-click on the icon and select Load Dashboards. Some apps make use of Dashboards to display or retrieve additional information.