Information Needed from Clearer for New Sessions


In addition to an IP address and port, the clearer must provide us with values for the following FIX fields:

  • Tag 49 SenderCompID (used only for logons, should be same as tag 109 below)
  • Tag 50 SenderSubID (used for logons only)
  • Tag 109 ClientID (used for business-level messages, should be same as tag 49 above)
  • Tag 439 ClearingFirm
  • Tag 440 ClearingAccount
  • Tag 553 Username (one for session-level logon and one for user-level logon)
  • Vendor (used to construct tags 115 and 144)
  • Password (put in field 96)

We use a 'vendor' value to populate tags 115 and 144. A vendor value of "XYZ" will result in a tag 115 value of "XYZ|XYZ" and a tag 144 value of "ISV-XYZ|XYZ".