Why can't a new customer trade?

The following steps must be completed before a new customer can trade:

  1. The customer must be added, have an address set, and linked to at least one account, with a tag 50 set.
  2. The account must have trading enabled.
  3. The account must have a balance set (to pass margin checks), or must have margin checks disabled. Balances are set by the clearing firm either via our API, or, more typically, via nightly GMI synchronization. If an organization sets balances with nightly GMI synchronization, it may take up to 24 hours to get a balance. If a clearer has the ability to modify the GMI balance file immediately upon adding a customer, they can also force an update with the "Force Sync" button on the trading group page.
  4. The account must have risk limits set on the products the customer wants to trade.
  5. The customer should have realtime market data enabled on the desired exchanges.

If a customer's orders are being rejected, an error message will indicate the reason for the rejection.