Troubleshooting Failed Password Reset Attempts

Users can reset their passwords as documented here. If this process fails, please see below.

Did the User Reset Their Password without Error?

The reset password functionality requires that users enter the correct email address they have registered with CityAPI. If they enter an invalid or unused email address, they'll see an error reported, like so:

Forgot Password

You may want to confirm with the user that the reset password action completed without an error being reported. Even if they did not get an error, you may ask them to try again and have them wait a moment to receive the email in their inbox. There is no harm in submitting multiple 'reset password' requests.

Is CityAPI Directly Handling the Password Reset?

If a user attempts to reset her password and does not receive an email, this may be the result of a faulty component outside of the control of CityAPI. CityAPI allows organizations and white-label partners to inject their own password reset emails and web pages as part of this process. To determine whether this is enabled for your organization, please visit your organization page via the dropdown menu in the upper right corner of the CityAPI admin panel:


If the field 'Set Password Webhook' is populated, your organization has opted to take control of the reset password logic, as is the case shown here:

Password Webhook Settings

If this is the case, please report the issue to your organization's internal technical support team. In the past, this issue has been caused by missing or incorrect SPF records. If this is not set, please report the issue to OptionsCity.

Working Around a Failed Email Delivery

The most recent 'set password' link sent to a user is also available on the user page (under the 'Users' tab) in the admin panel. If the user requested a 'set password' link and they have not yet claimed it, you will see a section 'Reset Password Link':

Reset Password Link

You can directly provide the customer with this link to reset their password. Note that this link can be used only once. If the user must reset their password again, a new, different link will be generated. A previously used link will not work.