What is a role?

A Role is a way to limit an Organization Member's access to portions of the admin site. Non-owner Organization Members without a role will have no access to organization resources by default.

Helpful terminology:

  • Resource: Any data or functionality belonging to the City API. Examples include accounts and trading sessions. A full list of resources is provided in the ‘Resources’ section.
  • Organization: Any firm using City API. Example types of organizations include brokerages, clearing firms and proprietary trading firms.
  • Organization Member: Any City API user associated with an organization in some sort of administrative or internal capacity. Organization Members have restricted access to resources belonging to their organization.
  • Organization owner: A special type of Organization Member that has total access to all organization resources. There may be multiple organization owners and there will typically be at least one. A minimum of one is not a strict technical requirement, however, if an organization does not wish to have owners for compliance reasons.
  • Permission: The type of access granted to a resource (i.e. none, read-only, write).
  • Customer: An organization’s end-customer, if applicable. While customers are associated with an organization, just like Organization Members, they are treated as a distinct user type. Customers do not have access to the City API Admin Panel.
  • Super user: An OptionsCity employee with access to all data in City API for the purposes of assisting Organization Members. Super users cannot carry out any trading actions like submitting or canceling orders.