Creating new roles

  • Upon login, click the "Roles" link in the navigational menu. Note that if you do not see this link, your user does not have access to view this resource.
  • You will land on a list of all existing roles.
  • Click the "Add New Role" button.
  • Choose a descriptive name for your new role.
  • Select each resource your new role should have Read or Read/Write Access to. Note that each resource has a descriptive tool tip by hovering over the question mark.
  • Move available Organization members into the "Members" input by selecting and click the left pointing arrow.
  • Click the "Create Role" button.
  • If you navigate back to the "Roles" page, you'll now notice your new role has been created.
  • If you'd like to make changes to the role, click the right arrow next to the role you wish to edit.