Account Risk Limits

For each account on the City Platform, there are four available risk controls. These are set under the 'Risk Limits' tab on an individual account view.

Limit Required? Description
Trading Enabled Yes For each account, trading can be enabled or disabled. If an account is disabled, the system will automatically cancel in working orders.
Enforce Margin Limits Yes Margin enforcement can be enabled or disabled for each account. If margin limits are enabled, the system will enforce pre-trade margin checks based on OptionsCity's portfolio margining.
Buying Power Margin % Yes If margin enforcement is enabled, this field allows administrators to increase or decrease the enforced margin. For example, if this is set to 120%, an account will be allowed to exceed the standard, exchange defined margin by 20% before the system starts rejecting trades.
Net Position Limit No The net position limit sets the maximum number of contracts, across all products, that an account can have in its position.