Configure Market Data Access

In the City Platform, market data access is controlled per user / unique login. To access an exchange's market data, either live or delayed, a user must be given explicit access.

To add or modify a user's market data access, navigate to the user's settings page. Here, under the "MD Access" header, you can see the currently permissioned market data access.

  • To remove market data access, click the red "x" next to the exchange group.
  • To add market data access, click "Add MD Access."
  • To change market data access from delayed to realtime or realtime to delayed, the market data access must first be removed and the re-added.
  • If a user is given the right to trade a specific market, they will automatically be given realtime market data for applicable exchange.
  • Delayed market data, in both dev and prod, only updates every 10 minutes with 10 minute old data.
Market Data Reporting
It is important to realize that if a user is given realtime market data access to an exchange for any length of time during a month, the user will be reported has having realtime access for that month and will be responsible for any applicable market data fees.