Why is the Last Sync Date Blank?

The account page in the admin panel shows basic account details like balance, net liquidating value, margin requirement, and profit and loss in the upper right corner.

All of these values are derived from values tracked outside of City API. They can be input via nightly GMI synchronization, for example. The 'Last Sync' field is the last time we received account information for this account.

If these values are not set (or, if they are set, but the 'Last Sync' date is older than the previous session date), that typically points to a misconfiguration issue or a problem with the data in your firm's GMI file.


If you are responsible for producing the nightly GMI reports for your firm, please check the following:

  • Your City API SFTP configuration.
  • That you are publishing files as configured above.
  • That the most recently published money file includes a line item with the GMI office # (MOFFIC) and GMI account # (MACCT) configured on the account page, as shown below.


If you are not directly responsible for nightly synchronization with City API, please contact the party responsible in your organization.