View Working Orders

An organizational admin user can view an account's working orders by clicking on the account's "Working Orders" tab. This screen will show all currently working orders on the City Platform and will give the user the ability to cancel any of the orders.

Cancelling an Order

To cancel a working order, simply click "Cancel" next to the order. This will send a message to the exchange requesting that the order be cancelled. If the order is successfully cancelled, it will be removed from the "Working Orders" page.

Cancel All Orders

To cancel all working orders, press the red "Cancel All Orders" button. This will attempt to cancel all orders currently "working" on the City Platform.

Marking an Order as Cancelled

Occasionally, an order will be cancelled outside of the City Platform. If this occurs, the platform will show the order as still working until it is marked as cancelled. To mark an order as cancelled, simply press the red "x" next to the order.

If a working order is marked as cancelled, the order will appear to be cancelled, even though it might be live in the market. When marking an order as cancelled, please double check to confirm that the order was indeed cancelled on the exchange.